Champions Online trailer is reminiscent of City of Heroes

The latest trailer from Crpytic’s new superhero MMO shows off the lairs of Champions Online, also know as dungeons in other MMOs. The sad reality of this trailer is that the dungeons look and feel a lot like the City of Heroes versions only a lot prettier. The settings look a bit less generic than that of City of Heroes but not as unique as other MMOs like World of Warcraft. One of the things Blizzard did right with WoW is create a lot of unique dungeons with incredible settings.

While this trailer does give us flashbacks to old school CoH instances we hope that this was only a taste into a world of unique and varied lairs to visit and vanquish villains in. We’re hoping that because it’s based on an old pen and paper RPG that the story will be deep and have plenty of story arcs to choose from. Hopefully Cryptic has learned from CoH and tries to stay away from generic warehouses for most of the dungeons. The trailer is promising, but leaves us wondering a little bit about how much different Champions Online will actually be from City of Heroes. We hope a lot.