Extra content for PS3 Tales of Vesperia detailed

I played Tales of Vesperia, the classic Japanese role-playing series’ first foray into high definition, for all of three hours. Not that I didn’t enjoy the intense action, colorful characters and grandiose story – it just so happened that the day I finally got around to playing this anime-influenced iteration was the same day Namco Bandai announced that the then Xbox 360-exclusive would be coming to the PlayStation 3 with expanded and enhanced content, à la Eternal Sonata. Since then I have been waiting patiently – well, as patiently as possible – to dive back into this magical world, while scouring the interwebs for any and all news on the game’s additional content.

Satisfying my curiosity is this latest news, courtesy of Famitsu, revealing that in addition to the new loli-pirate playable character Patty Fruel, new cutscenes, new costumes, new artes and redone voice overs, the Blu-ray version will also include a new Giganto monster, a new dungeon called “Inner Sanctum of the Ester,” and connectivity with the upcoming Tales of Vs. for the PSP to unlock fresh challenges, skits and costumes. You’ve sold me a thousand times over Namco Bandai, now just release the damn thing stateside!