Hell seeks vengeance on the Xbox 360

How about this trailer for Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance, huh? We haven’t seen hellspawn pull off the red sweater look since Freddy. Seriously though, Playlogic’s port of Infernal looks pretty good. How could a game where players are put in the role of a fallen angel who gets upgraded powers from hell like telekinesis, teleportation and the ability to heal and replenish mana by harvesting enemies not be cool. Now he fights against the Etherlight angels (Heaven’s secret service) he used to belong to. Sure, this might bring balance between Heaven and Hell on Earth back, but we’re sure this Ryan Lennox just has revenge in mind. Besides, wouldn’t a little less Hell on Earth be a good thing?

If you never played Infernal since its debut on PC in 2007, we can’t blame you. The scores were mediocre, no online multiplayer and most shooter fans were too busy playing GoW. We see this port as a way to continue making money (obviously) and not to bring anything really new to the title. Currently no online has been announced and the gameplay is still clocking in around ten hours. However, Adam McGowan, the Marketing Director at Playlogic said, “Infernal was always designed with a console release in mind…” That being said, perhaps the addition of a subtitle means the addition of content. Either way, get ready for a little piece of Hell on your Xbox 360 this Fall.