John Romero reacts to Zenimax buyout of id

Here’s a short list of things that are actually disgusting: Two Girls, One Cup; vomiting on other people; really mangled roadkill; the bulge in David Bowie’s tights in Labyrinth; people who can pick their nose with their tongue; pedophiles.

Now, having that list in front of you what do you think about John Romero’s initial Twitter comment on the subject of Zenimax buying id: “ZENIMAX??????? Disgusting.” Seems pretty tame doesn’t it. Fine, maybe that wasn’t so fair, but I’m not sure where he’s getting disgusting from as we hardly ever hear of Zenimax doing big evil corporate things. Maybe he’s just disgusted by buyouts in general, but who knows.

He also followed his first Tweet up with “Fallout 3 bought DOOM. Wow.” but has since had some time to think about what he said and realized he might have been a bit harsh. He’s calmed down now, stating, “my initial reaction was harsh. sorry.” and “i guess i was shocked and sad to see the id Software of old changed forever today. it’s a new day and a new id.” We were all a little shocked Mr. Romero, and considering you’ve got a stronger connection to id than most of us, we’ll forgive you on this one.