New images and a quote for Max Payne 3

If you wanted more of the same out of the Max Payne series prepare to be really, really, really, really, really, ridiculously disappointed. To use a turn of phrase, this is not your father’s Max Payne. If the new screens aren’t enough to prove it to you, how about this quote from this month’s Game Informer, which has an exclusive article on the upcoming game.

“If you expected a by-the-numbers sequel, prepare to be surprised. The third chapter of the Max Payne saga takes our hero places that he’s never gone before, while at the same time keeping an eye towards maintaining and improving the stylish gunplay that made his reputation.”

“The team has created a game that both looks and feels remarkably realistic. As you watch the game, the attention to detail is remarkable … It’s a no-holds-barred shooter that retains a laser-like focus on gunplay.”

Don’t you just love how every major game coming out always sounds like God’s gift to mankind in magazine previews? All that aside, from the looks of the six new screens they may be speaking the truth.