Borderlands developer trademarks new IP

A great man once asked the timeless question, “War, huh, yeah, what is it good for?” The answer given by the singer back then is totally opposite to the thinking of today, as war is good for a boatload of videogame sales. Publishers know it, developers know it, and we gamers know it. Yet, what would happen if someone combined the ‘war’ goldmine with the ‘hero’ suffix, another gaming golden goose? We feel a gaming singularity is about to happen.

Gearbox, developers of the it’s-almost-here Borderlands and the still in progress Aliens: Colonial Marines, has decided to tempt the gaming gods not once, but four times. Filings registered with the US Trademark and Patent Office show that Gearbox Software is now the owner of the World War Hero, War Hero, Brothers In Arms War Hero, and Modern War Hero franchises. While these titles may be a jab at Activision or other publishers, the titles were trademarked on June 18 for use in “computer game programs and computer game software.”

CEO Randy Pitchford says that the release of the trademark filings “exposes a bit about our interests in the development of another original intellectual property.” He continues that the company wants to take “bold risks” and do things that “no one has ever done before.” Pitchford closes by saying that “War Hero is something down the road for us– it’s not signed with a publishing partner yet as we haven’t even talked to any potential partners about it. So we’re certainly not ready to talk about it publicly at the moment.”

No word on filings for Hero Hero or the much anticipated sequel Hero Hero Hero.