Brütal Thoughts from Jack Black’s friend

Brütal Thoughts, previously featured in such prestigious events as E3 and some random Thursday in May, is back and a little lamer then ever. It’s not Jack’s fault, he’s still psyched and trying to get everyone hyped about his recordings of yelling over the CG footage. He did the same thing for King Kong. The failing isn’t in Tim either. He’s not even in this one. The problem is in Meatbone the roadie.

He is the reality check for all those too willing to romanticize the roadie to mythic proportions and embodies the most sobering part of Brütal Legend‘s ad campaign so far. The biggest laugh is to the line “Mandy Moore.” Fathom that.

Who cares anyway? The game is only 110 days away and getting better every second. Even as we sit, nay-saying over one man and his intimidating portrayal of the real world roadie, the polygons are getting sharper or they’re making more bitmaps or something. Come to think of it, I really don’t know anything about videogame development.

Look for the rockin’ PS3 and Xbox 360 boxes when the time comes Rocktober 13th.