Dead Rising 2 stays at home for the summer

Damn those piggies! After deciding against bringing Dead Rising 2 to E3 2009 earlier this month, Capcom have now chosen to skip the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo and Games Con too. While it hasn’t been confirmed, the suggestion is that the Japanese giant is still a bit twitchy about being exposed to our nasty Western Swine Flu.

Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, Chris Kramer, Capcoms’ senior director of communications, said that the next public showing of the game will come at September’s TGS. Kramer said, “You’re gonna be seeing ‘Dead Rising 2? next at Tokyo Game Show. ‘Lost Planet 2? will have all new stuff at Tokyo Game Show, and also a couple new titles from us, as well as updates of the stuff we showed at E3.”

So there you go, commiserations to all those hoping to chainsaw-motorbike 7,000 zombies at PAX and Games Con, better get saving for a ticket to Japan. Repeat after me, “Docchi Tokyo Gemu Sho, nanitozo?”