Gay pride marches into World of Warcraft

June is gay pride month and as such the parades are in full effect, but not just on the streets but also in the gravel pathways within World of Warcraft. The 5th Annual Proudmoore Pride March took place this past June 21 with pre-celebration festivities and a parade going from the Barrens all the way to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale. I could go on to make a joke about how they Strangled their Torns before they entered into their Booty’s Bay, but because I’m better than that, I won’t.

We’re not sure if everyone shown in this video are all from the Proudmoore server but if that is the case then they have quite a large gay community. We noticed some very interesting guild names like Taint for Today, Taint Madness, The Tainted Ones, Raiders of Da Lost Taint, Tainted Knights and just plain ol’ Taint. We’re suprised there was no Tainted Love guilds but they still managed to cover alot of taints with out it. How many times can we get away with saying taint in this post? The parade went off without a hitch with no griefers to ruin the fun. Events like this show us the growing impact virtual worlds are having on society and that organizing large events like this are just as important in the virtual space as they are in the real world.