Surviving Beatles, widows helped on The Beatles: Rock Band

One thing that sets The Beatles apart (other than, y’know spearheading popular music as we know it) is the quality of product associated with their name. Since their split, rather than simply cashing in on their legendary status, official The Beatles stuff always has that extra bit of class.

This is due in large part to the fact that every member of the band, or their widow, must individually OK anything that is produced in their name. If one person doesn’t like it, then it doesn’t happen. It should come as no surprise then, that Paul, Ringo, Olivia Harrison and Yoko took an active role in the production of the upcoming The Beatles: Rock Band.

Speaking to Crispy Gamer, Harmonix’s Chris Foster, lead designer on The Beatles: Rock Band, said, “The shareholders, as we call them — Paul and Ringo, Olivia and Yoko — were really creative partners throughout the project. They were involved in picking and approving the song list, the venues we went into. With the dreamscapes, they saw storyboards of all of the material, and gave feedback on whether or not they felt like those interpretations supported the songs in the way they wanted.”

Foster continued, “They looked over all the characters, the animations … they really kept us honest on whether we were capturing the spirit of the band as they were performing, which was a huge challenge for us…At every milestone they improved it. I think Sir Paul McCartney heckled our project lead’s bass-playing when he saw one of the game demos. So yeah, they were involved.”