Worms 2: Armageddon hits XBLA on July 1

Team17 knows Facebook isn’t just for stalking people and posting photos of your cat. I’m not saying they don’t do these things, but they also know that Facebook can be used for something more. Not only can you maintain candid dialogue with your adoring fans, but you can also announce the release date and price point of your hotly anticipated XBLA title. And that’s exactly what Team17 has done with Worms 2: Armageddon.

“The game will launch on Weds July 1st… for a paltry 800pts”, says Team17. Straight and to the point. Those who downloaded the original XBLA Worms may have noticed a disappointing lack of weapons and features that have become a mainstay of the franchise. Fans of holy hand grenades, super sheep, and concrete donkeys will be happy to see their return (alongside some brand new Worm-killers) with this robust entry in the series. Plus there’s avatar support to boot, so when those ambitious folks at Microsoft start trying to sell clothes for our Xbox Live doppelgangers, maybe we’ll all think twice about it. Maybe.