Zeno Clash gets more free DLC, weekend price cut

Indie developer ACE Team is currently hard at work on the sequel to Zeno Clash, but they’ve also been busy making downloadable content for their quirky first-person brawler. A new add-on called “The Pit” was recently announced and it features three challenge levels “where gravity is the enemy and taking a wrong step can be fatal.” The DLC will also support leaderboards and achievements, as players hand out knuckle sammiches to bizzare-looking baddies. And if that wasn’t enough, Steam will have a weekend deal on Zeno Clash, reducing its current price of $20 to a very reasonable ten bucks.

The above trailer for the DLC shows how the levels are riddled with “destructible floors and traps.” It also appears to give us the welcome opportunity to lay the smack down on what looks like C-3PO’s evil cousin. That bastard was just asking for it.