Assassin’s Creed II sounding cooler by the day

In an interview over at Ausgamers, Vincent Pontbriand, Associate Producer for Assassin’s Creed II, gave out a few interesting pieces of information about the upcoming game. A quick breakdown:

  • The game will take place in more cities than just Venice and these cities will be larger than in AC1, but not as symmetrical. This is due to the creators’ desire to make them more realistic.
  • There’s going to be more ways to get around from city to city, gondolas and boats look to replace a trusty steed as a mainstay, and we’ll also be able to look forward to more da Vinci creations.
  • Sadly, there will still be loading screens when changing areas.
  • In terms of AI, they’ve scrapped their system from AC1and started from scratch. Guards will have newer, more different abilities, and will supposedly be a bigger challenge in every way. For example, some guards will have paranoia issues and will be on the lookout for Ezio, even when he’s in hiding.
  • There will be plenty of info on Ezio as the game progresses, like why he joined the ranks of the Assassins in the first place.
  • There’s a promise of more action while playing Desmond Miles, and the past and present are to be more blended- so much so that when the player gets stuck people from the present will offer words of advice.
  • There’s going to be ties between the two games and some surprises to look forward to- and something of Altair is going to be “still living” in AC2.

All in all it sounds like Assassin’s Creed II is shaping up to be a worthy sequel. I, for one, am definitely looking forward to the extra action in the present, with a hope that maybe AC3 will have us climbing skyscrapers and diving into dumpsters.