New TMNT Smash-Up video reveals a ninja, turtle, robot, and a hockey mask guy

Ubisoft released a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up video today, revealing four characters in the lineup. The revealed characters include Raphael (resident turtle, known for wearing a red bandana/mask), Foot Solider (generic ninja crony, usually cannon fodder), Casey Jones (hockey mask guy that attacks with sports equipment), and Utrominator (this generation’s version of Krang).

We get to see fancy moves, a lot of fighting, and an alligator about to eat someone. Well…that and a jellyfish/brain thing that pops out of the robot as an attack. It is chaotic, just like Smash Bros. Then again, this was made by the same team that worked on it.

I got to play this game at E3 a few weeks back, and I found it to be quite fun. With help from the same alligator, I even managed to beat a Frag Doll! Those chicks are tough, even when only demoing the game. Now if only my luck in these type of games transferred to other genres and fighting games…

Anyhow, it’ll be a short while before we get to see who else is in the lineup (I’m taking any bets in monopoly money the next one is Donatello).