PlayStation Home seems to be doing OK

PlayStation Home is one of those things that started off confusing, grew to be unusual, then delayed, then lack-luster, and then finally started to grow into something resembling a worthwhile service for freaking out perverts with obese cross-dressers. So I don’t get it, but Gamasutra had a chat with Sony’s Peter Edward and he had a more encouraging outlook.

People seem to be buying stuff. How much stuff? I’m glad you asked. Six million virtual items from European users alone. That’s two items per person on the service. Home has gained seven million users worldwide since it launched in November 2008. Pretty good for a free service.

So what kind of product is moving these items? Advertainment. Red Bull plane rides, Watchmen costumes, Star Trek costumes and Transformers puzzle games. EA Sports and Street Fighter, in spite of not being an energy drink or major motion picture, still seemed to grab gamers’ interest too.

Edward’s vision is something resembling a videogame union in cyberspace. “For Sony, revenue isn’t the main driver for Home. We’re in this for the longterm,” he said assumably with a straight face. He sees the lobby system for Warhawk and LittleBigPlanet being the purest form of what Sony wants for Home. Gamers getting together online to talk about strategy and enjoy adjacent billboards. “Players can set up their teams, choose the map and talk tactics before jumping into the game,” Edward concluded. “This will become an essential component for all PS3 games.”