Red Alert 3 patched, brings new maps

Here’s a pleasant surprise for all the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 fans, patch 1.11 has just been released. The patch contains the usual tweaks and bug fixes that one has come to expect of most game updates, but it also brings new content to the table. Spring Fever and Blitzen’s Back are two new maps available for skirmish and online play, Fever supporting 2 players, and Back supporting 4. These are 2 maps that featured in the Uprising expansion’s single-player campaign.

On top of this, a motherload of tweaks have been implement to enhance the Red Alert 3 experience. This mainly involves balancing sides by adjusting unit prices or damage etc. So if you’ve taken that Red Alert 3 disc out and popped it back on the shelf, now could be the time to get it out again.