Sony looks to expand PlayStation Network beyond PS3, PSP

Sony’s plan for world domination started to gain momentum recently as both Sony CEO Howard Stringer and SCE head Kaz Hirai spoke out about expanding the PlayStation Network. Just last month, Stringer confirmed that PSN would need to expand beyond the PS3, “because the number of PS3 units sold puts a limit on the scale of the network possible.” He continued that the company may make acquisitions to hasten the process.

Hirai added that while the expanded PSN should be ready for release by next spring, it is a staggered process. “It’s now a matter of what all the services need to look like for each device, and coming up with a rollout plan. It’s like city planning here, and we can start small. We don’t need to build New York City overnight,” he said. The new PSN would overlay the backbone of the existing service, but with a broader scope. Additionally, the service would be more open to allow use by a variety of devices, making it easier to do “such things as putting images from a camera on TV, displaying and editing video, sharing with friends, and storage.”

Additional good news for the Sony faithful as brand loyalists could possibly be given special incentives, like discounts and premium services. Start stocking up on your Sony stuff now before the rush begins.