SouthPeak to publish Trine

Tommy got some time with Trine at E3 and after he told me about it I wanted to strip him of his skin, rewind time and be the one who got to go to Atlus’s booth to play the game. Sadly my time machine was out of order and Tommy wanted to hang onto his skin, and thanks to my packed schedule I never got a chance to get hands-on with the game. Without a publisher my dreams of actually playing the game seemed distant because I’d want to play it on PC.*

SouthPeak to the rescue! The company will be publishing the “Best Downloadable Game of E3” for the PC, delivering the three player, side-scrolling action to all who want it. The game looks gorgeous and has some amazing physics-based gameplay if you trust what Mr. Lawler says, and I do.

(* This is actually a lie, but it made the post work.)