Beat-em-ups inspire department store ads

High-end UK department store Harvey Nichols is renown for its off-beat, dry and often caustic approach to advertising. Anyone familiar with the brand’s advertising will also know that they’re more than happy to take influence from other threads of popular culture, such as in a campaign last year that made use of British claymation icons Wallace and Gromit for a new store opening in their native Bristol.

Well, they’re at it again – and this time its videogames that advertisers are using to illustrate how ruthless and uncompromising shoppers will be in the sales. Whats really nice about these ads is how they’ve pulled apart and implemented the HUD to include the details of the sale being advertised, furthermore actual gamers will being able to recognise (vaguely admittedly) some of moves being used. The result is witty, stylistically sound and intelligent enough to not be patronising to or exploitative of gamers.