NBA Live producer vows improvement in 2010 edition

It’s not often we hear a game developer admit that his game got flat out beat by a competitor, but that’s just what NBA Live 10 producer Sean O’Brien did in an EA Sports blog post. O’Brien not only humbly admits that the franchise could use improvement to catch up to the superior NBA 2K series, but he lists the steps that his team is taking to take Live to the next level.

O’Brien claims that even with two months of work to go, Live 10 is already playing better than Live 09. Also, the revamped controls will apparently completely change the way you play the game. And no, O’Brien says, this is NOT “marketing speak.” Well, that’s refreshing.

Two features EA is implementing in order to get Live’s realism up to speed are Synergy Sports and Dynamic DNA. It sounds like EA will use extensive research date from Synergy Sports to update player trends throughout the season. These trends will make their way into the game by the way of Daily DNA updates via the internet. So everyday throughout the season NBA Live 10 will be getting smarter and more realistic. Looks great on paper. We’ll find out in October if EA can walk the walk as well.

Keep in mind that all the realistic data in the world can’t save a game with broken gameplay. However, if EA is committed as they say to fixing said gameplay we would could be seeing a 2008 Celtics-style turnaround.