Pitchford to Infinity Ward and Bungie: What else have you got?

Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox, loves him some Call of Duty and Halo. So much, that he would rather the main developers of those two IPs do something completely different. “I keep waiting to hear what Bungie is going to do that’s not Halo,” said Pitchford. “Those guys are amazing, right? And the same with Infinity Ward. It’s like, dude I’m totally psyched to get my Call of Duty fix every year, but you guys are amazing! What else have you got? Can you give me something I haven’t seen before?”

Of course, at this time the world economy is pretty much making it hard for new IPs to spring up and Pitchford knows that. “The folks that are innovating need to be rewarded so that the folks that are making big bets can take that risk. It’s too big of a risk for Infinity Ward to do anything but what they’re doing, because there’s too much value and there’s really big scope for it.” It’s probably why publisher Activision is probably comfortable with multiple Call of Duty titles.