Rumored Xbox 360 and PS3 price cuts this fall

Looks like the ever-accurate Ars Technica mole is up to his old tricks again. After proving his chops by outing the UMD-free release of Patapon 2, the red Xbox 360 Resident Evil 5 bundle, and the PSP Go’s appearance at E3, the clairvoyant mole has turned his attention to the increasingly popular topic of price cuts for the HD consoles.

On the Microsoft side, expect the Xbox 360 Pro SKU to begin disappearing in July or August, as the mole expects it to be bundled with popular games (a la the recent Halo 3/Fable II bundle) to help retailers sell through their supply. Once that happens, it looks like the 120GB Elite SKU will get a price cut and replace the Pro by September.

As for Sony, it looks like the 80GB SKU will become a rare commodity in the coming months, with the 160GB Uncharted bundle set to become the dominant SKU on retailers’ shelves. That is until the fall, when Sony is expected to slash hardware prices and begin shipping the oft-rumored PS3 Slim. No word yet on just how deep these price cuts will be, but knowing the batting average of the Ars Technica mole, cash-strapped gamers should have plenty of choices by the time the leaves start turning.