The Punisher: No Mercy trailer shows punishment, lack of mercy, inner monologue

Here is a trailer for a new Punisher game. Its subtitle is, as you can see, No Mercy. The trailer shows lots of blood, explosions, and gunfire. There is a dark-toned inner-monologue that I can safely assume is the Punisher himself talking, and he sounds unmerciful. It is a first-person shooter, and it looks like the predominant activity in this one is, without a shadow of a doubt, shooting. Accompanying this shooting will, apparently, be heavy metal music. Mercy, it appears, will not be rewarded. Causing heaps of blood spray and carnage, however, will. Honestly, as a recently-made fan of Painkiller, this doesn’t sound all so bad to me. Expect it in the PlayStation Store July 2nd for $9.99.