The Sims 3 leak was EA’s plan all along

Okay, so no one at EA really said it like that nor did the head of marketing wave his cloak over the lower portion of his face but EA head John Riccitiello did joke around to IndustryGamers saying, “You identified our secret marketing campaign!” Referring to the leak of The Sims 3 days prior to its release and not the other secret marketing campaign.

The plan appeared to be based around combating piracy by offering only a portion of the game in the leaked version. With various content being offered only to registered users of the game, the widespread leak of The Sims 3 didn’t stop it from being EA’s fastest selling PC title. “It’s a very content intensive game, so to have the pirated version and not have access to that is a little bit like having a subscription for Starbucks and only getting one coffee. It just whets your appetite rather than satisfy your ultimate goal.” To EA’s Riccitiello, it was really more of a demo than the leak of a full game.