Video of the Week / June 29

Pick of the week: This week’s best is a lengthy video podcast of Aion, the MMO that is seemingly taking the world by storm. Already a huge success in the Asian markets, the game has a lot of people excited now that it’s spreading its wings and heading to other areas of the world, and this video shows some of the reasons why.

Chad George: NCSoft’s new MMO is enough to make a non-MMO player, like myself, change their tune. The ability to turn into an immortal is awesome in itself, even more so when wings are thrown into the equation. Add in the fact that there are two halves of a world to explore, I may just be won over… but one video is not going to cut it. I want to see more Lani Blazer – um, gameplay.

Emmanuel Petti: Freaking game looks fantastic.

Jordan Fehr: Aion wasn’t grabbing my attention in the slew of other things being demoed every week, but now it is.

Lee Bradley: Thank you NCsoft for introducing me to the world and the lore of Aion, your new MMO. But most of all, thank you for introducing me to Lani Blazier, my new geek crush. I am forever in your debt.

Jeremy Hill: It’s games like these that make me want to get into playing MMO’s. I like the difference in environments from the forests to the unholy abyss style setting, and it seems like there’s a lot of story to wrap your head around with plenty of room for expansion. And for the record, I would play as the race with glowing red eyes and black wings.

Runner-up 1: Dark Void developer diary

Nick Coffman: Little known fact, there are several places you can find Dark Void before it comes out later this year. On my radar is now one of those places. Other recent sightings of the game were next to my heart, in my dreams, and on my most wanted list. Vertical combat! Sounds great. Upgradable everything? Heck yes. Teasing an alien out of their space ship to crush their face in its spinning blades? Funtastic.

Chad George: The implementation of vertical combat looks interesting, as are the thoughts behind the process. Mark my words, vertical combat is going to be the next big thing, a’la Gears of War‘s cover system.

Runner-up 2: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood multiplayer trailer

Rain Anderson: Whoever is handling the production of the Bound in Blood videos is doing a helluva job — this is the third week in a row we’ve had one in this feature and are making no apologies for it. We haven’t managed to go hands-on with the game yet so for all we know the developers could have completely messed up the gameplay, but you wouldn’t know that from watching this new trailer which introduces us to the various multiplayer modes of this wild west shooter. It’s fast, to the point, and doesn’t forget to bring some attitude.