Wolfenstein has 1638 kills for your pleasure

Oh statistics, how do we love thee? Let us count the deaths.

This past week, Activision showed off their new Wolfenstein in New York and MTV’s Multiplayer blog got a chance to get some hands on time. The first impression they caught from the game was that is was similar to Call of Duty, with superpowers and more gore. How much more can be extrapolated through simple math, well simple to someone who actually does math anymore. Anyone?

During the playthrough, statistics, including kills, items found, and favorite weapon, are tracked in a menu, down to how many Nazis have been electrocuted and dissolved. Taking some information from the screenshot above, MTV multiplied and divided the 36% completion rate by the total kills and magically came up with how many dirty Nazis we can expect to lay to rest.

After the refresher on elementary math, the total comes to 1638.4 kills. This total, of course, does not take into account the kills that will occur on the multiple playthroughs that will be almost necessary to collect everything, just numerical speculation.