25 million people played music games last April

A recently released study says that people who play music-based games are “the most engaged consumers of music,” and suggests that the music industry begin to present new artists through videogames. The report continues that in April alone, 25 million people played music-based games in the US. 29 percent of those who played musical games had streamed and/or downloaded a music video, versus 15 percent over those who did not pick up a plastic instrument. The big thing to note in this sea of numbers is the fact that those who played music-based games bought almost 70 percent more CDs and were twice as likely to download music through legal means.

Michael Cai, head of Interpret’s videogame practice, stated “The insights found in these studies hold important implications for game developer and publishers, technology companies, and media companies.” This study should give publishers and development houses reason to churn out further rockstar dream makers.