Better late than never

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is in development, did you know? I sure as hell didn’t. Makes you wonder how in the world something you enjoyed immensely and wanted a sequel for gets a confirmation of one without you knowing absolutely nothing about it. And apparently no one else on the TVGB crew heard nothing about it either. Weirdness at its finest ladies and gents.

Apparently the confirmation happened several months ago and came straight from the head of Eden Games, the developer of the first TDU, in a video interview with a French site. Nothing more than a confirmation of it being in the works was given but in the meanwhile what appear to be numerous images and art work from the game have surfaced, seemingly confirming the off road races rumor that circulated a year or so ago.

So to sum up, TDU2 is coming, information is scarce at the moment, and the TVGB staff needs to wash their eyes and ears more carefully.