Capcom and Square Enix tease new titles

Countdowns. We’re torn between two camps here at TVGB. Part of us loves the anticipation of a good tease and the wild speculation that goes along with it, while the other half screams “stop messing with us and just announce the damn game, fools!”

The reason for this renewed internal anguish is that both Capcom and Square Enix have opened up (and since updated) countdown/tease sites for unannounced games. Woo!/Meh.

Square Enix were first up, with a site that seems to point to some kind of unveiling on Jul. 6. When the site first went up on Friday, there was just a pencil-sketched background, the timer, and a big “4.” Since then an image of a young dragon has appeared, prompting speculation that the new game will… have dragons in it or something.

Meanwhile, Capcom have jumped on the teasewagon too. On Friday their site merely had the number/year “1560” against a black background. Now it says “1573.” A quick Wikipedia search reveals there were famous battles between Japanese warlords during these years, prompting speculation that the new game may feature… fighting. Seriously, who do you think we are, Columbo!?