Fatally furious translations marks SNK’s wolves

Okay, so it’s not really news but this is just too good not to share. SNK released their 2D fighter Garou: Mark of the Wolves onto Xbox Live Arcade this weekend and while bringing nostalgic play it also brings with it some ludicrously nonsensical wording.

Heading to the Marketplace and selecting the title will present you with the summary/description and, for your reading pleasure, is presented verbatim below…

“It is the latest title of the Fatal Fury series [GAROU -MARK OF THE WOLVES-] comes to Xbox LIVE! With the New Hero “Rock Howard” who is only son of Geese Howard and rose up by legendary wolf Terry Bogard, story of the new wolves begin. It banned the traditional line-system but instead bring in the brand-new systems such as “Just Defense”, “T.O.P. In” and “Braking”. It is not only system which renewed but also all the characters are new comers only except Terry Bogard. Don’t miss the extreme battles of wolves!”

We can only presume that SNK used Babel Fish to translate the description and its use of broken English (aka Engrish) is almost as good as the now legendary “All your base are belong to us.