John Carmack hearts iPhone, suggests more titles

Any gamer with an iPhone and five bucks to spare probably purchased Wolfenstein 3D the very moment it hit the App Store this past March. At least that’s what I did, and it made the morning commute exponentially more enjoyable as I single-handedly took down the Nazi regime on the way to work. If John Carmack is to be trusted, then we should be seeing a lot more FPS fragging on-the-go.

Speaking with MTV Multiplayer, Carmack revealed that Quake, Quake 2, and potentially even Quake 3 will be coming to Apple’s handheld moneymaker. The recent release of the iPhone 3GS with its improved graphical prowress appears to have piqued his interest in the platform and its potential. The famed developer also made mention of bringing more of id’s “traditional mobile games” to the iPhone, as well as Doom Classic and even some completely new titles, including the previously announced Doom Resurrection and a mobile version of Rage.

After roughly a full year of wading through an App Store cluttered with shovelware and cash-ins, it’s great to know somebody’s got our back. Let’s just hope that John Carmack’s promise of a new id iPhone game “every two to three months over the next year” holds true.