PAX gets titan of adventure games for their keynote

Ron Gilbert! This is the writer, director and even programmer for Maniac Mansion. He created the SCUMM. How many people do you know that have invented a language to have people and computers talk to each other? And then they used that to create the The Secret of Monkey Island, a game he wrote and directed as well. Ron em effin Gilbert! Previous speakers Ken Levine and Wil Wheaton carried the heavy mantle gracefully and made us proud. There seems to be no doubt that this year will be no exception.

So say, hypothetically, you don’t like adventure games and don’t know Ron Gilbert. Fine, you’ve got a few months to play through his back catalog and become a fan, but for right now what do you have to look forward to from PAX aside from it being the largest gaming convention in North America with endless panels, the PAX 10, and the Omegathon?

Music friend, music. MC Frontalot, PAX’s rapper loriet, has been confirmed along with last year’s show stealers, Anamanaguchi. Old favorites Jonathan Coulton and Freezepop are back with two newcomers Paul & Storm and Metroid Metal. Need more incentive to jet/bike/walk/moonwalk to the emerald city on September 4th? TVGB will be there!