Ruffian Games defends development of Crackdown 2

Ruffian Games, the upstart studio working on Crackdown 2, has finally responded to Realtime Worlds’ less than happy comments in the press, defending their development of the coveted sequel in an interview with Edge Magazine.

“[Ruffian] still maintain[s] a really strong working relationship with Realtime; they’re our neighbors in both personal and professional relationships, and we like that,” said producer Jim Cope. “But leaping to our defense, in a sense, we firmly believe we’re the right people to make Crackdown 2.”

“Close to half of our team worked on the original game,” added creative director Billy Thomson. “We’ve got core members from every discipline who worked on it, the majority of the design team, and, depending on whom you speak to, some of the best coders and most talented artists. But there are still guys at Realtime we want to be friends with, so we don’t want to get dragged into a slanging match.”

I don’t know what a slanging match is, how many people you need to play or what protective gear you have to wear, but I really want to see one. Bad. My ignorance of Scottish slang aside, I hope this is the end of the drama. Realtime and Ruffian need to put bros before hoes and just keep cranking out the awesome games, because frankly I don’t care who’s making Crackdown 2 as long as it’s getting made.