StarCraft II beta planned to last 4-6 months, yet no confirmation on release date

Dustin Brower, lead designer on StarCraft II, told Kotaku that Blizzard is planning a public beta that will last around four to six months. Sounds good, but the catch is they haven’t laid down a date of when it would go live. To make matters worse, the prospect of a 2009 release seems to fade in the distance with each passing day. A beta of that length coming when it’s almost July doesn’t look too good for the hopeful.

However, Browder said it’s getting there, adding in that it’s possible to get it done within four months. He also commented on the difficulty of going into beta and fixing bugs in the game, stating that efficiency drops when it beta starts. They’re trying, at least.

A lot if us been waiting for StarCraft II for years, and continue to wait. Since they’ve been working on it for this long, they can take all the time they need to make sure everything is polished. At this point, I’ll be happy to take a clean, polished beta over a buggy retail release. But judging from Brower’s comments, it seems an open beta could launch within the next few months.