StarCraft II will have no LAN and no console support

We’ve been waiting and waiting for the sequel to one of Blizzard’s hottest titles of all time and waiting patiently as we know great things come with time. But if you have been waiting and assuming that LAN functionality would be a part of StarCraft II now is the time to stop waiting. That’s because according to Rob Pardo, Blizzard’s VP of Game Design, they “don’t have any plans to support LAN,” and explained that all multiplayer will run through Blizzard’s newly revamped service.

After shattering the hopes and dreams of LAN party goers around the world, Pardo also put the kibosh on the possibility of seeing SC2 on the consoles. When asked how much of a chance there was, he responded “zero percent”. Shocking isn’t it, considering how many Blizzard games are on consoles right now. If you were waiting for SC2 or maybe even World of Warcraft to make an appearance on the consoles, now would be the time to stop holding your breath because Pardo says, no way Jose.