Bound in Blood launches with a trailer

Get ready for the McCall brothers to ride. It’s hard to make a game starring Confederate Soldiers who desert and run away to the wild west. I mean, why root for them? Well the launch trailer above tries to answer that question as best as possible with the overwhelming message of “it looks fun.” Gatling guns? Check. Unnecessarily hot love interest/plot device? Check. Excuse to shoot people? Not really but the McCalls do it anyway ’cause it’s the wild west.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is setting its iron sights on every other Western game and pulling the trigger. Why aren’t you playing this game yet? Here’s a pro-tip for all the cool kids already playing CoJ:BiB from our resident expert, Chad George. “When using dynamite, don’t hold down the trigger and think it won’t blow your damn head off if you don’t throw it.” Sound advice.