EA is NOT charging for MJ tribute outfits

The browser-based Battlefield Heroes stealthily launched last week and has proven to be a fun little game to fire up every now and then when the boss isn’t looking. The game is free to play but brings in the cash by asking a few dollars here and there for microtransactions like faster leveling up, clothing etc. Not a bad plan and one that more and more games are using these days. But it appeared as if EA had taken it to a bad place when MTV Multiplayer reported earlier today that EA is asking 420 Battlefunds, the game’s currency that can be bought with real money, in this case ~$3, for each of the two of Michael Jackson outfits debuting in the game.

This sounded very tasteless to us so we contacted EA to get an official comment, and what we were told is in stark contrast to what MTV reported. “Battlefield Heroes is not charging for the Michael Jackson tribute outfits,” EA’s Sr. Publicist Kelly Etkins told us. We’re not sure if there was a change of heart at camp EA during the day, but it seems players can get their thrills on the battlefield and look like the King of Pop without having to pay for it after all.