MadWorld soundtrack available and will cause neck problems

If when you were playing the black and white with red all over gorefest that is MadWorld and thought, gee I’d like to take this soundtrack with me in my car, then this tid bit of news is for you. The soundtrack for the bloody Wii game is now available through iTunes and the record company’s website. Having never played the game myself, I fired up iTunes to give the soundtrack a quick preview and immediately called my chiropractor because my head bobbing would soon be causing neck problems.

I was surprised to find out that the entire soundtrack was entirely made up of hip-hop songs, good ones no less. Granted I have never heard of any of the soundtrack’s artists up until now, but I’m glad to be discovering them. The artist Ox dominates the soundtrack with the most songs and on a number of them he sounds like a young Jay-Z that’s laying down fluent flows over top a heavy metal influenced beat. According to iTunes, the song Ain’t That Funny by Sick YG is “popular” and I can tell why. It sounds like a well produced mainstream hip hop song with an aggressive underground sounding MC. It definitely piqued this hip-hop lover’s interest. Doujah Raze also has a few songs on the soundtrack and also features heavy metal influenced songs which seems to be the running theme of the soundtrack. Normally this gamer wouldn’t be interested in soundtracks but the MadWorld soundtrack is now sitting comfortably in my iTunes library and I’ve never even played the game.