Sam won’t be getting serious on PS3

Serious Sam HD is exploding onto Xbox Live Arcade this summer and, shortly afterwards, the PC. But the PlayStation 3? It’s not getting it. Not for a while at least.

Speaking to G4, developer Croteam’s CEO Roman Ribaric said that, despite the platform being more than capable of dealing with the title, a lack of interest from other teams to step up was confirmed as he said “nobody was either willing (a.k.a. not enough time/money/interest),” meaning it wasn’t financially viable for the team to develop or publish it via PSN at the same time.

He does mention the possibility of it being released on PSN months after hitting Xbox Live Marketplace but he isn’t confident that Sony gamers want delayed, second-hand goods and would prefer their content at the same time. Of course if the title delivers bank-busting sales we’re confident a PSN version would be quickly developed.