Sony patent hints backwards compatibility for PS3?

Once upon a time, the PS3 supported backwards compatibility. The villagers lived merrily, as they were able to play any game from their PS2 library on their next-generation console. But then, Big Bad Sony came into town and blew their houses down! Er, I mean, they introduced new PS3 models lacking backwards compatibility and gradually phased out the ones with them. The world fell into darkness, as PlayStation fans took out their frustrations on their lamps. And that is where we are at present day. But perhaps Sony is finally having a change of heart? We sure hope so and a recent patent filing boosts our optimism.

According to Siliconera, Sony has developed a method to emulate the PS2’s Emotion Engine on the PS3’s cell processors. As Siliconera puts it, “Theoretically, all PlayStation 3s would be able to play PS2 games even if a console didn’t have the proper hardware.” It would definitely be a smart move on Sony’s part; they could feature downloadable PS2 games on PSN–a la PSOne Classics–and people would still buy them (heck, I know I would). Of course, sometimes companies file patents and nothing ever comes to fruition. But we like happy endings (you pervert) and are crossing our fingers that Sony follows through with these plans.