Sony reaches out for accessory support

Sony is opening up to third party accessory makers in ways not seen before. Soon we’ll be able to see peripherals and accessories with official Sony branding made by companies other than Sony, as the company has expanded its Official License Program for Japan, Europe, Asia and North America in an effort to boost the gameplay experience for the PlayStation brand.

This deal covers extras for the PS2, PSP, PSPgo and PS3, and will give manufacturers all the official technical documentation that is needed to help the make the best products possible. Every item shipped will contain Sony’s officially licensed logo along with the Sony new car smell.

One interesting thing that our very own Mr. Razak pointed out was the possibility of Sony recruiting others to help with its new motion controller. Perhaps we’ll see multiple designs with the same basic functions? Or maybe the price of these accessories and peripherals will be slightly lower than what Sony normally charges for its products? Just give us a controller shaped like the blades of chaos and we’ll be happy.