Uncharted 2 release date announcement “very soon,” no offline multiplayer

Today Evan Wells and Amy Hennig from Naughty Dog answered some fan questions about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on the PlayStation.Blog, and a few tiny interesting bits of info came from it. Until now we’ve only gotten a Fall release window Uncharted 2 but that may be changing sooner than we may have thought — when asked about the release date, Wells said that “Fall” is still the official party line for the time being but assured that “an official date will be announced very soon.”

Another question asked dealt with the game’s multiplayer mode, more precisely whether or not it will have an offline multiplayer mode. It does not. “We didn’t want to compromise the visuals going from single player to multiplayer and to include a split screen option at this time would have meant making that sacrifice,”said Wells.