Willed into existence by the interwebs, Scribblenauts crossover characters

5th Cell’s Scribblenauts, the upcoming DS title that will conjure up more than 10,000 objects for your puzzle solving-pleasure,  has spawned some serious hype. The weird part is, it’s not the product of some contrived viral marketing campaign, but based on actual word of mouth from people who have played, and susequently fallen in love with the adorable graphics and original gameplay. Its paperdoll aesthetic has even spread to other genres, courtesy mostly of NeoGAF members turk128 and SpacePirateRidley, who have reimagined pop culture icons from Travis Touchdown to Tobias Fünke in the game’s signature style.  They’re currently taking suggestions on the avatar requesting thread, if you think you can get any more obscure than Tomba!, the pink-haired, pig-hating star of the best game you never played.