Blizzard trademarks a new name

The name is Cataclysm. What the name is for exactly we don’t know, as it could be for the new MMO they’re working on or that other game that they happened to mention. It also doesn’t reveal much in the way of what the game is about other than a disaster or something of the likes, but we’re sure waves of speculation will roll through the interwebs for the days leading up to BlizzCon in August.

The trademark for Cataclysm covers computer games, paper-related products and online entertainment services which covers the full gamut of what an MMO game would need. Some speculation that the new name is related to World of Warcraft is floating around because the domain of expired the same day that the trademark was issued and is now parked with (who is known to host all of Blizzard’s domains). Unfortunately we will most likely have to wait until late August to find out the truth where hopefully Blizzard will tell us more about this.