Brand new Final Fantasy game headed for DS

Thank goodness for Weekly Shonen Jump. Scans from its latest issue have leaked onto the interwebs and saved us from having to wait five more days for yet another countdown clock/teaser site to reveal some actual information. The new game from Square Enix will be an original Final Fantasy title for the Nintendo DS called Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden, according to IGN.

Players are put into the shoes and gravity-defying hair of a teenage hero, who is given the task of saving the King’s daughter from a witch on his birthday. What, was the department store all out of tube socks that day? Anyway, the role-playing game will allow players to command a party of up to four characters, as well as the ability to customize equipment and character appearances. Interestingly, the battle system will lack an MP gauge, but will feature something called a “Charge” command. We’ll soon find out how these features affect gameplay when Final Fantasy Gaiden ships this fall in Japan. And hopefully in the West by next year, if Square Enix is smart.