Damnation developer shut down

It is a sad day when families separate, the bickering and in fighting does nothing but hurt those we love. That is a lesson that cannot be taught, it must be learned firsthand, so chalk up another broken family in the neighborhood. Damnation developers Blue Omega have parted ways with Codemasters and it is beginning to get ugly.

Some of the former employees have confirmed to Kotaku that the whole team at Blue Omega has been let go, citing “issues” with their publisher, Codemasters. Of course, no parting of ways comes without its share of mudslinging and this incident is no different. The terminated employees state that Codemasters had removed them from their own game while one subcontracting studio continued work, even after Blue Omega had been removed, and another subcontracting studio performed shoddy work. All of these incidents have lawsuits attached to them and should prove to shed more light on the situation very soon.

Oh, and the sub-par sales of Damnation might have had a bit to play also.