free to Gold, “trial” for Silver members

When we told you about Microsoft bringing to the Xbox 360, we made a promise to keep an ear out and, even if we do nothing else, we keep our promises. Not only have our ears been out, so have our fingers, eyes, noses, and various other body parts (do not ask) and today we have an update, courtesy of Joystiq, on what to expect from the integration.

Christina DeRosa, a general manager for XBL, says that Silver members will indeed have access to the streaming music service, but it will only be free for three hours a month for what they consider “a trial period,” and even then it will contain video advertising. Gold subscribers, on the other hand, have unlimited access to the service but will still have to put up with some ads. A third tier will also be offered as a premium service that removes all commercial interruptions and offers “more sophisticated personalization features, like Loved Tracks.”

Currently a subscription to runs $3.00 per month, so unless they want to commit professional suicide, the rate should stay the same when the service is brought to the Xbox 360 community. We are still waiting to find out just when we will be able to listen to music on our Xbox, or if the service can be used while playing a game. What we do know for absolute certain is that a free account will be required for any of the subscription models.