New Gears of War novel promises to be better than The Great Gatsby

If there’s one thing gamers like to do more than gaming, it’s reading about gaming. Gears of War developer Epic Games is more than happy to oblige such a literary habit with the release of its second novel based in the Gears universe. The book, entitled Jacinto’s Remnant, is written by Karen Traviss and follows Sera’s humans as they seek refuge in the wake of the destruction of Jacinto, the last human stronghold on the planet. Picking up right where Gears of War 2 ends, the story follows Marcus, Dom, and other familiar Gears as they battle Locust soldiers and cross paths with hostile groups of human scavengers.

It should also be noted that author Traviss is no stranger to the world of science fiction scribing — she wrote the first Gears book, Aspho Fields, and has written ten Star novels. Incidentally, Jacinto’s Remnant will be available on July 28, the same day that the Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection, which includes a comprehensive collection of GoW 2‘s multiplayer maps and a wholly new single-player campaign chapter, will be released.