New ‘Splosion Man trailer oozes Splodealiciousness!

I did not make that word up, Twisted Pixel did. I wish I could take the credit for something so oddly contrived and playful but alas, the best I have done is “Rockstravaganza.” ‘Splosion Man looks like a mix of two good games that if combined would make a better game that resembles the gameplay of this one. I’m sorry, the guy who does the clever wordplay is out sick today… or no longer returning my calls.

50 levels of blasting-off-the-wall gameplay, 2-4 player co-op, an explosive gameplay mechanic, all of which coming from a developer you can trust? Looks like I just got off the bus at Too-Good-To-Be-Trueville. I told you our wordsmith was off today. Umm, it’s like Blast Corps and Cloning Clyde opened a small business together but it didn’t go so well and now there’s a guy who can blow up. Yes! Nailed it!