Quake Arena Arcade still on the way, thanks

Quake Arena Arcade, the remake of Quake III Arena coming to the Xbox Live Arcade, has been missing for a while. Announced nearly 2 years ago QuakeCon 2007, news has been so sparse it’s bordering on non-existent. But with game companies being laid off en mass and times getting tough, even these vapors of news are enough to keep hope afloat.

A single new screenshot, the boring image above, is all we have. Pi Studios, the men and women who make dreams come true, have also updated their website with fresh info on QAA including 16 player multiplayer, 40 different maps and everything else expected from an XBLA release.

As nice as it is to find out a game is still being worked on, and for this single menu-screen image I am eternally grateful, how long until QuakeCon 2009?